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Risk Management Plans

56% of New Zealand's export is in food and beverage manufacturing, if your exporting Animal Products or Dairy Products, most New Zealand business involved in these activities generally require a Risk Management Program.

JWC Consulting we can help develop and implement your RMP.

Food Control Plans, National Programmes and Food Importing

Custom Food Control Plans (CFCP)

We have our basic template for a custom food control plan which has been implemented in several operations and verified by an MPI approved auditor. This template is thorough and at the same time, simple which is aligned with all our forms and templates so can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Custom Food Control Plans (CFCP)

If you are starting a new business, are currently council registered, or currently have a food safety programme and want to save some costs by changing to a National Programme and are unsure of the implications? We can help

JWC Consulting can help develop, implement and manage your FCP, which not only reduces your workload but also cost and ensures your program is fully compliant at all times.

Transitional Facilities

Food Importing

JWC has significant knowledge and experience in the importing of animal products and foods along with the requirements relating to Transitional Facilities.

From 1st July 2016 all food imported into New Zealand will have to be done by a registered food importer. That means, if you want to import food then you will have to become a food importer yourself, or go through a food import agent. If you need someone to help you import food into New Zealand legally, then we are ideally placed to suit your needs.

Food Labelling

Confused by what needs to go onto a label? There are pages and pages of legislation that need to be read and reviewed in order to create a label. We can do this for you or show you how to do it yourself.

Nutrition Panels

We can create nutrition panels for you, or show you how to do them yourself, to help you avoid those government fines

Health and Nutrition Claims

Claims made about foods help sell some products, but are they always legal? New laws were introduced in 2016 which standardises what claims can be made.

Health Stars

Do you need help calculating the health stars for your product, or need to reformulate to get more stars? Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance and show the health credentials of your product.

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